Sunny Days Bridal

So a coupla’ months back on a regular thrifting afternoon (I’m an op shop fiend but you probably already guessed) I managed to score this insanely cool 70s era, off white, fully sheer lace bridal gown. It was only $6 so of course I bought it and then planned a whole shoot around it. I worked with my fave wedding team – Danee of Killer Queen Creative doing hair and makeup, Dom modelling (who else!?), The Flower District creating some rad retro inspired floral arrangements and we nabbed a couple more vintage dresses from Kate of Sunny Days Vintage’s collection and headed to Fitzroy on a wintry afternoon to take some snaps. Honestly we spent most of the afternoon having lunch and talking about the industry and the coolest weddings we’d worked on and where we find inspiration. But then we got to shooting – we drove around looking for rad spots which there are so many of in Collingwood/ Fitzroy area and shot on film and digital. Here’s a few of my faves!

(P.S. I highly suggest listening to this playlist while viewing)

The team:

Babe ~ Dominik Shields

HMUA ~ Killer Queen Creative

Florals ~ The Flower District

Threads ~ Sunny Days Vintage & thrifted