Why do you offer only smaller wedding photography packages with less photos than other photographers?

Picture this- you get your wedding snaps in the mail. You sit down with your partner, light a candle, open a bottle of champas and plug in the usb. You open the folder and start looking through the photos. There’s hundreds, maybe even thousands of photos. You find yourselves struggling to find the gems- the snaps that are so super true to you, amongst all the other missed moments and almost-exactly-the-same-but-one-person-has-their-eyes-closed shots. It’s frustrating and kind of a waste of time. You don’t need hundreds or thousands of snaps. You only need the ones that make you laugh hysterically or maybe even make you cry- the ones that tell the story of your day in the most honest way and that capture that feeling you felt on your wedding day. Isn’t that what photography is all about, capturing the emotion and feeling, telling a story? I think so- and that’s why these are the kinda snaps I send you- without all the extra fluff.

Do you shoot big, traditional weddings?

Look if your wedding is really authentic to you, thats totally rad and we can can chat about me taking some snaps. That said, my vibe is definitely more in the non-traditional, low key wedding/ elopement side of things, and so I’m most excited to shoot these kinda weddings- ones that are totally tailored to you as a couple. A few of my faves include backyard weddings, surprise weddings, elopements of any kind, bowls club weddings, rock and roll weddings (at dive bars!), and anything vintage, handmade or 70s related.

Why do you shoot weddings on film as well as digital?

There’s something so beautiful about the way film captures light that digital can’t replicate. I think also because you don’t have the freedom of taking a million photos, so much more thought goes into every shot and so often I love all the film photos. On top of this- film just has a timeless feel – they’re light and dreamy and capture moments in time in a way digital just doesn’t. Digital is still super reliable though which is why I shoot both.