Before you jump into a coupla’ answers to some questions I get asked, make sure to check out my handy lil PDF guide to wedding snaps:

Why do you offer only smaller wedding photography packages with less photos than other photographers?

Picture this- you get your wedding snaps in the mail. You sit down with your partner, light a candle, open a bottle of champas and plug in the usb. You open the folder and start looking through the photos. There’s hundreds, maybe even thousands of photos. You find yourselves struggling to find the gems- the snaps that are so super true to you, amongst all the other missed moments and almost-exactly-the-same-but-one-person-has-their-eyes-closed shots. It’s frustrating and kind of a waste of time. You don’t need hundreds or thousands of snaps. You only need the ones that make you laugh hysterically or maybe even make you cry- the ones that tell the story of your day in the most honest way and that capture that feeling you felt on your wedding day. Isn’t that what photography is all about, capturing the emotion and feeling, telling a story? I think so- and that’s why these are the kinda snaps I send you- without all the extra fluff.

Do you shoot big, traditional weddings?

Look if your wedding is really authentic to you, thats totally rad and we can can chat about me taking some snaps. That said, my vibe is definitely more in the non-traditional, low key wedding/ elopement side of things, and so I’m most excited to shoot these kinda weddings- ones that are totally tailored to you as a couple. A few of my faves include backyard weddings, surprise weddings, elopements of any kind, bowls club weddings, rock and roll weddings (at dive bars!), and anything vintage, handmade or 70s related.

Why do you shoot weddings on film as well as digital?

There’s something so beautiful about the way film captures light that digital can’t replicate. I think also because you don’t have the freedom of taking a million photos, so much more thought goes into every shot and so often I love all the film photos. On top of this- film just has a timeless feel – they’re light and dreamy and capture moments in time in a way digital just doesn’t. Digital is still super reliable though which is why I shoot both.

I’ve wanted to work with Em for a few years now seeing her work on 70s style shoots for big names like Gorman and Dangerfield. We were so lucky to have our engagement and wedding photographed by her. Em knew great locations that suited our vintage style. Even though we had only met Em once (as we live in Brisbane), she was laid back and down to earth which made us feel so relaxed that it felt more like working with a friend than a professional photographer. This is what makes amazing images and memories you will have forever! Em is so creative and knows how to capture moments that are unscripted, spontaneous and real. At our wedding we didn’t even notice that she was there taking photos, but she’s also not afraid to help direct you to get that perfect shot. Her communication is on point, from the first time we met for our first shoot, through to our big day, planning everything was such a breeze and we knew we were in great hands. Even after the wedding Em has kept in touch, designed our wedding book and did up high quality prints which sit on our walls with great pride. If you want to treat yourself to a photoshoot for fun or your portfolio, or want special memories of your engagement/wedding, we can’t recommend Em Jensen Creative more highly. You won’t be disappointed! Thank you for making our big day so special!“ Angi + James, eloped April 2019

I just wanted to start by saying thank you so much for being our photographer! We loved having you part of our wedding so much. You were so much fun, and thank you for putting up with my crazy family. We love the photos so much. You’ve exceeded our expectations. I think my absolute favourite is the one of Mo and I in the winery cracking up laughing. Your photos brought tears to ours eyes (happy tears), so thank you so much!” ~ Suz + Mo, married April 2019

“Em Jensen is the complete package! We hired Em to be the photographer at our wedding. She provided the service with such a kind, caring and creative spark, with a high level of professionalism. Leading up to the wedding she was able to answer all of our questions and accommodate all of our needs. Her photos were of a high quality and she was able to capture some great in-the-moment shots. Her prices were also very reasonable. We felt like we got an absolute bargain hiring Em for our wedding. Thank you Em Jensen for helping us create and capture our memories. We will cherish them for the rest of our lives. Cheers!” ~ Jarrod + Gemma, married October 2019

“Em Jensen’s photos literally stopped me mid scroll on Instagram. I waited a whole of 15 seconds to email her and organise head shots for my new business. I fell in love with her vintage aesthetic; grungey, warm, groovy and lots of Wes Anderson vibes. My website photos are now solely Em’s photos as there is not a single other photographer out there that can nail the aesthetic of my branding. I’m a marriage celebrant and work with loads of photographers yet she’s the first photographer that I recommend to couples who are after something a little bit unique – small, intimate and relaxed affairs are her jam. At weddings, she is as quiet as a mouse as she works her magic capturing those beautiful candid moments and what she delivers is pure magic! Then if you’re after more posed shots, well lucky you!… She knows all the tricks to get your best side with her background of fashion photography – she’s a wizard, really. Everything she creates is as golden. She has such an amazing eye and I’m constantly in awe of her talent. She’s easily one of my most very favourite photographers in the whole wedding game.” ~ Jac the Hitcher