Recently the rad folk over at Heartbreak Hotel, Melbourne’s coolest Photo Booth asked me to create a campaign with their groovy props- sunnies, caps and wigs. The props inspired so many retro, Gucci, sporty vibes so I decided to create a lil series about a 70s skater girl. Dominik modelled and I grabbed some furry coats, some fluorescent tights and some roller-skates to style with the props. 

We shot in June and had to wait three weeks for a sunny day which happened to be on a Sunday. We shot at a few rad local spots – a DIY’d skatepark in an abandoned lot in Preston and then Coburg Drive-in. We started shooting around 9am so it was totally freezing but Dom is a pro at embracing a theme and pretending like it’s a Summer’s day. The skatepark was totally abandoned- apart from a makeshift house which was home to a friendly local skater who woke up to find us hanging out in his backyard. I’d totally forgotten that Coburg Drive-In is home to the trash and treasure market on Sunday mornings- so when we got there the place was packed with vendors selling vintage wares from their car boots and families shopping. We decided to work with it anyway- the diner was open so we grabbed a milkshake and skated around the parking lot. So many people stopped and stared, confused at what we were doing. Having an audience kind of just made the shoot more fun though. On the way home we spotted a retro bus in a parking lot so we took some snaps there too. 

Snaps on film and digital. I styled, directed and snapped the shoot, and Dom modelled the clothes. Props (sunnies, caps, wig) are from Heartbreak Hotel. You can checkout the whole series here.

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