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Castlemaine babe Kate from the iconic Jungle Boogie Vintage has just launched her online store- Sunny Days Vintage and I had to restrain myself from buying every single thing that I photographed (I mean vintage is one off so if I’d done that there’d really be no point doing this shoot hey?) 

I worked on two shoots with Kate- one in lovely Castlemaine where we shot around her incredible bohemian house, and at her friends car yard which is home to some of the most amazing cars I’ve seen- I mean have you seen the bedford??? Dani modelled and killed it (as always) at bringing the Penny Lane vibes and Danee from Killer Queen Creative did hair and makeup but you already know that because she does ALL my shoots.

We’d only planned one shoot but worked so well together that I was lucky enough to be asked to do a second lil shoot by Kate- this time around my local burbs in the inner north. Kate’s super chill and an all round legend so she literally just sent me the clothes and let me do what I like with them (DREAM shoot!).  I recruited local muso and general babe Rosie to come hangout and eat ice-cream with me so I could take photos of it and call it “work.” We honestly just spent the afternoon running around Preston, looking for rad houses and nice light. We even snuck into a wacky old italian bar and scared some old men, which you can read more about here if you really want to. 

I worked on a lil video of the day which is up over here

But most of all you should check out Sunny Days Vintage because HOLY MOLY. Also because I cannot buy them so you must so that I can live vicariously through your instagram photos of you wearing them. Please.

the team:


Killer Queen Creative

Sunny Days Vintage

Can’t get enough? Check out the full campaign here + here!

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