something spacey?

labels + space cadets, tune in

So I’ve been planning this space shoot at the most dreamy secret abandoned space house for like, ever, but I’ve been waiting on some rad AF label to jump on board with the threads who are all about that space age vibe.

Full campaign including HMUA, babes, styling and snaps, at a super discounted rate because I NEED to shoot there, before it’s discovered. Just hit the button below if you wanna hear more about it, and see some top secret snaps.

Alternatively, accepting space cadet applications. I have a few spacesuits ready for ya if you wanna make this shoot about you.

But look, fellow space cowboys. You’d better jump right onto it because I’m only shooting there once, and I am NOT giving away my top secret location to anyone else (it took a LOT of creepy abandoned house exploring to find the perfect spaceship so I ain’t giving it up.)

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