Queen of the Desert

A lil Priscilla inspired shoot with some of the coolest queens in the You Yangs.

Back in the Summertime I went on a roadie up to Broken Hill for a week. I’ll write more about the road trip another time, but I was so inspired by the drag scene in Broken Hill- especially at the Palace Hotel (which, if you’ve seen Priscilla, is the wacky hotel with painted walls and ceilings they stop in on the way to the desert), which is such a hub of creativity and now hosts the Broken Heel Festival every year. I decided to recreate a lil Priscilla inspired shoot when I returned back to Melbourne and so got in touch with some of the coolest local queens around who were keen to come out to the You Yangs for an afternoon of James-Bond-vibe cars, champagne and shooting in the sun. 

All the queens styled themselves, did their own hair and makeup and were just all round incredible models. We had so much fun running around the bush in glittered leotards and high heels- I think we might have confused the locals driving past a little bit but it was well worth it.

the team:

Sam @samtdrag
Ruby Slippers  @clickthreetimes
Mrs Esther Rix @mrsestherrix

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